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Frequently Asked Questions for NOCC

Last updated: $Date: 2016-09-14 17:43:49 +0200 (Wed, 14 Sep 2016) $ Q. Where can I start the automatic update of NOCC? A. This feature is available with version 1.9.6 First you need to be logged in as a user who is allowed to start the auto-update functionality. See config/conf.php.dist for parameter auto_update for how to do that. Then this user will be signaled that a new version is available typically by a red highlighted version number in the top right corner where the NOCC version is shown. Moving the mouse cursor over the NOCC version shows information about the current NOCC version used. If a new version is available the NOCC version shown in the upper right corner is a link to the auto update page of NOCC.
Q. NOCC keeps me asking for a correct login/password. A. Check that you correctly configured your POP/IMAP server in conf.php ex: $servr = ""; for a pop3 server and $servr = ""; for an imap server NOT $servr = ""; -> Check that you're allowed to connect to the POP/IMAP server manually. Your ISP may not allow people based on the IP.
Q. Having configured NOCC, I get this error with my favourite browser: A. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open() in /opt/apache/htdocs/nocc/utils/functions.php on line 26 -> Please check that PHP has IMAP/c-client support (you can use a small PHP script with phpinfo() to see what it supports). Check the on-line PHP manual to configure IMAP/c-client support
Q. What is this UCB POP Server parameter in the configuration file ? A. It's the standard Unix POP server that shipped with early versions of various Un*x operating systems flavours. UCB stands for University of California/Berkeley You can check this by running the following: %telnet myhost 110 Trying... Connected to Escape character is '^]'. +OK UCB Pop server (version 1.6) at myhost starting. quit Connection closed by foreign host.
Q. NOCC is slow with a CGI version of PHP when there're big mails A. Unfortunately, we tried to optimize the code but some functions are clearly very slow in CGI mode. We hope this will be solved in future PHP releases.
Q. I get "Maximum time execution of 30 seconds exceeded" when loading a mailbox. A. It might be because the networks is slow, a large mailbox or having a CGI version of PHP. Increase max exec time in php.ini: max_execution_time = 300
Q. I get "Warning: open(/tmp\sess_341b23452436243bfff454e5664756c67, O_RDWR) failed". A. Make sure you've created a valid directory in php.ini for sessions and make sure this directory really _exists_. :) session.save_path = c:\php\sessions
Q. I get "Fatal error: Failed opening required 'lang/ en.php' [...]". A. This is a know bug from flawed PHP 4 install on RedHat 7. This is fixed with updated php-4.0.4pl1-6 RPM package or with NOCC 0.9.3 which has a fix that suppresses extra spaces within this variable. See:
Q. When I tried to attach a file it says 'This server is not well set up !' A. This is because you didn't fill in the '$tmpdir' variable in conf.php and 'upload_tmp_dir' in 'php.ini'. NOCC needs at least one of these variables to be at up.
Q. When I try yo attach a big file (>2M), I get a warning: "Max size of 2097152 bytes exceeded [...]" A. You have to increase the maximum file size in your PHP setup via php.ini: ; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. upload_max_filesize = 2M
Q. When sending a mail the return-path is not set correctly. A. If you're running NOCC on Windows, we recommend you to set an SMTP server in conf.php as php mail() function on windows has some strange behaviour.
Q. I get this error when reading e-mails, randomly: 'Invalid Range End at line 450 in utils/functions.php' A. New: This is fixed in 0.9.6, was replaced by its Perl-equivalent. Old answer (leaving it for history and might help 0.9.5 users): A. This bug seems to occur mainly on Linux systems when PHP was compiled using '--with-regex=system'. And perhaps Windows systems but we couldn't isolate one. PHP developers believe this is a bug in system's regexp libraries: If you can recompile PHP, then recompile it without this option. If you cannot recompile PHP, then comment out the following line in utils/functions.php starting with: [...] elseif (eregi('plain', $mime)) { [1 line deleted] // Bug #511302: Comment out if you have the 'Invalid Range End' problem $body = eregi_replace("([#a-zA-Z0-9+-._]*)@([#a-zA-Z0-9+-_.]*) [...] If you cannot find it or if the line number is not the same, search for the following comment in the code: // Bug #511302: Comment out if you have the 'Invalid Range End' problem This is used to create NOCC links when it recognizes an e-mail address so that clicking on the link gives you the NOCC send form. We need help to identify more platforms where this bug occurs, you can find a reproducible testcase here:
Q. NOCC pages are displayed incomplete f.ex. preferences page A. Try to raise memory_limit variable in php.ini memory_limit = 16M is perfect for NOCC
Q. When trying to connect to a POP3 or IMAP server, I get the following error message: "Could not connect to server: Certificate failure for localhost: unable to get local issuer certificate:" A. If you connect to a POP3 or IMAP server, add "/notls" to the server string into conf.php. I.e: $conf->domains[$i]->in = 'localhost:143/notls'; If you connect to a POP3/SSL or IMAP/SSL server, add "/novalidate-cert" to the server string into conf.php. I.e: $conf->domains[$i]->in = 'localhost:993/ssl/novalidate-cert';
Q. When connecting to a POP3 or POPS server while quota are enabled into conf.php, I get an blank page. A. Disable quota into conf.php file. It only works with IMAP connections.
Q. When displaying an email or the inbox content, the charset is not correctly detected causing bad body or subject display. A. Check the mail contains the "MIME-Version : 1.0" header. If not, the charset can't be detected du to PHP IMAP module imap_fetchstructure function limitation.
Q. My web hosting service is using the register_globals setting set to on, so I can't use NOCC. A. Create a .htaccess file at NOCC's root directory with the following line: php_flag register_globals off If your host does not allow you to use any .htaccess file, you will have to delete in the utils/check.php file the lines beginning with if (ini_get('register_globals') == true) and finishing just before ?> But remember : running NOCC with register_globals set to on may expose you to unwanted vulnerabilities.
Q. With NOCC hosted on a Windows server, all attachment downloaded from mails with NOCC are garbled. After checking them, it appears they present 3 bytes at the beginning of file that were not in the original file. A. These three bytes are BOM, used for UTF-8 files to know how to read theses files. But BOM is optionnal, and Windows version of PHP does not handle well .php files with BOM. Don't use notepad/wordpad to edit configuration files on Windows since they may unexpectedly add the 3 BOM bytes. Always check the files you have changed for BOM bytes, remove them and resave them as UTF-8 without BOM using an editor like Babelpad.